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FinNuclear Directory presents

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and associated companies
with competences in nuclear related technology.

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Adiabatix Oy

Areas of core competence
Heat management solutions. Insulation module systems for primary components.

Cadmatic Oy

Areas of core competence
CADMATIC Plant Design Solution for 3D and process design of complete industrial projects. CADMATIC Information Management solutions for sharing and managing all project and plant information.

Citec Oy Ab

Areas of core competence
Multi-discipline engineering and engineering management services. Nuclear documentation services. Knowledge of regulatory requirements (IAEA, STUK, SKI, MINATOM). Site management services. Nuclear quality services. Nuclear qualification management services. Nuclear requirements management services. Procurement services. 3D modelling. Configuration management services.

Culmentor Ltd.

Areas of core competence
For successful investment project implementation we offer for example: - support for creating documents and managing the documentation process, respecting nuclear power sector specific requirements and YVL-guides - project design - tender preparation - project management support - installation and construction supervision The services can include also e.g. training required by the investments, feasibility studies and tender process development. With our collaborating partners we have the ability to offer wide-ranging expertise and resources, including translation and interpretation services.

Enmac Oy

Areas of core competence
Plant and process engineering for NPPs Product development for special applications in nuclear waste management systems.

Lamprotek Oy

Areas of core competence
Consulting, design, strength calculation and inspection of the mechanical components of the reactor building according to Finnish YVL guidelines and to nuclear codes ASME III, RCC-M, KTA and PNAE-G-7.

Neste Engineering Solutions Oy

Areas of core competence
Services - Project Management & Control - Procurement - Engineering - Construction Management - Performance Improvement - Consulting Services

Nipromec Oy Ltd

Areas of core competence
- Design, Layout, Engineering, Calculation, Analysis, Documentation of Piping and Pipe Supports in the fields of Power Plants. - Automation, Electrical, IT security and Software in the fields of Power Plants. - Project Management and Supervision for Piping Disciplines and Interdisciplinary Coordination - PDMS design and consulting - Consulting & project services - Static and dynamic structural analysis, fire protection and nuclear safety, project and construction management - Resource and Human Resources, Inspection services

Platom Oy

Areas of core competence
• Equipment deliveries for NPPs and nuclear fuel cycle facilities • Simulation of NPP thermohydraulic processes and control systems • Radwaste Management, D&D • Modelling of NPP I&C systems • Ageing management • PSAR documentation and evaluation

Pöyry Finland Oy

Areas of core competence
Pöyry has a nuclear project quality management system audited and approved by several Vendors.
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