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FinNuclear Directory presents

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and associated companies
with competences in nuclear related technology.

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GE Power Finland Oy

Areas of core competence
GE can supply and integrate all key components for a nuclear power plant.

Konecranes Finland Oy

Areas of core competence
Konecranes is a leading worldwide supplier of cranes, hoists, lifting systems, material handling systems, fuel handling equipment, spent fuel cask transporters, and single failure proof cranes for nuclear installations. Konecranes offers also Consulting services.

Meka Pro Oy

Areas of core competence
High quality cable support systems and lighting track intelligence.

Miilukangas Oy

Areas of core competence
Off-shore industry equipment and components Large welded and machined steel structures Wide variety of machining

Peikko Finland Oy

Areas of core competence
Fastening products such as: anchor plates, rebar couplers, anchor bolts, column shoes, post tensioned bolts and other embedded parts for concrete structures. Peikko is able to supply products according to Customer needs. Peikko has over 10 years experience in demanding projects in NPP sector.

Sahala Works Oy

Areas of core competence
Shell and tube heat exchangers: - thermal calculations - material selection - pressure vessel calculations - construction planning - manufacturing - installation at site - commissioning

SSAB (Svenskt Stål AB)

Areas of core competence

Stalatube Oy

Areas of core competence
* widest dimension range globally of stainless steel square and rectangular hollow sections from same production * product quality and reliability * customised solutions and technical support * global presence * extensive delivery accuracy * CE-marking as first manufacturer globally for stainless steel structural tubes

Wärtsilä Projects Oy

Areas of core competence
For nuclear applications Wärtsilä provides Diesel Generators with related systems and services.


Areas of core competence
Control and electrical systems for Nuclear plants including motors and drives, power and distribution transformers, High voltage systems, Generator circuit breakers, Medium- and low voltage equipment and switchgear, Protection relays, and substations. Services including maintenance, repair and modernization projects.
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