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Altum Technologies Oy

Altum Technologies was founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland, to increase the production and energy efficiency of process industries and to make industrial processes more environmentally friendly. We have carried out 100+ installations worldwide.

Altum Technologies’ Zero Process Downtime (ZPD) solution can be used for dose reduction, hot spot removal and cleaning and maintenance of process equipment at both operational nuclear power plants and at plants undergoing decommissioning. The solution is externally applied and can be used without any changes to equipment or disrupting production. Altum’s solution is based on utilizing software-guided power ultrasound technology. This is the ultimate approach to help nuclear facilities do safe and effective decontamination, while maximizing uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Areas of core competence

Process industry, including but not limited to nuclear, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, wastewater, mining and food & beverages industry.


Nippon Steel Engineering, Chevron


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