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Kumura Oy

We care about people and projects!
We are a house of +50 project management and leadership professionals. We’re committed to both projects and the people. Yours and ours. With vast experience behind us, we’ve learned that when everyone involved with the project feels motivated and understands its purpose, the project will be more successful.

We’re here to help you to succeed in your projects in three different levels:
- Project management services
- Project management development services
- Project management competence services

Challenges our customers often face
- We have challenging project in hands and we need a professional to manage it.
- Our projects are managed with variable project models and without consistency. This results in a lack of metrics and ineffective results.
- Some times our projects run late, budgets are overspent, and our people feel unmotivated.
- It is not always clear to some of our people what their roles and responsibilities are in a project. We also have trouble communicating the project’s purpose and the meaning of each role.
- Project managers are not given enough support from project owners. There is no clear understanding of the role of the owners or the steering group.

Areas of core competence

Extensive experience in developing project and project portfolio management processes and competences in nuclear industry.
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